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dkbooksOkaycat fonts used in Dorling DK publications

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My husband Luke and I started to publish fonts in 2008, under our font foundry Okaycat.

As a small business owner, I manage myself with time and money to deliver solid software to my clients within their timeline. Self-published 70+ fonts and counting. I have been lucky enough to establish clientele including Fortune 50 companies and large publishers.
Our Okaycat fonts can be spotted in Apple iMovie, Dorling DK and Bloomsbury publications, Whole Foods and Claire’s ad campaigns etc.

wholefoodsWhole Foods ads with Shababa – Also seen in Apple iMovie theme
postersMy poster designs, I usually sneak in my own fonts. Here you can see Arco Web, Arco Crayon, Shababa Ba, and Antique Dubplate
azolaAzola is one of the best selling font at Okaycat, released in 2012.

flowertypeFlowertype is one of my favorite font that I created.See more Natsuko’s fonts >>