Website Design for GRACE MARKET

GRACE MARKET is a independent flower shop in Kagawa, Japan. After worked as a web designer for a while in Japan, I was hired as art director at GRACE MARKET. I mainly update and create contents for their e-commerce site, which creates big $ for a flower shop in small city in Japan. […]


Flaticons – flat icons in font format by Natsuko Hayashida –

Looking for easy ways to implement icons into your UI/UX design? I’ve got just the thing for you! Flaticons are flat icons, in font format. You can type in the icons in your Xcode project, or in your photoshop document for your web designs. Good alternative to Font Awesome. It comes in outlines and solid […]

robocat ramapge


ROBOCAT RAMPAGE is a site that features my husband Luke’s iOS development. I’ve created old school HTML website + modern blog site along with it. You can really get to know about what Luke does on this site. I hope you take a look around!


Website design for Sakuranbokobo Keiko Saruwatari and her partner creates beautiful wedding dress, coats and everyday dresses from antique kimonos. I am very happy to create and run their website, showcasing beautiful handmade creations.


Website Design for RICO KAMISHIMA I created RICO’s website back when I was still living in Japan. You can listen to her sample music here.