Wine Label Designs

Wine Label Designs

I had a very fun opportunity to design wine labels for Ikizama Co., Ltd. Hand drawn sunflowers, olives and roses frame the logo, which I also designed with our (Okaycat’s) Stephani font. If I could, I wanted the design to be edged on to the bottle with perhaps gold! How cool would that be? But […]

Moon: Period Tracker with Moon Phase Calendar

UPDATE(October 24th, 2014) What’s New in Version 1.6.1 I Added more moon phases (First quarter and Third quarter) as requested!  Fixed a potential crash from the calendar detail view after viewing other screens and then saving your data.  Changed all information views to be non-modal to improve ease of navigation. (You can click outside of […]

cosmo cat okaycat

New font Cosmic Patterns

It all started with needing new graphic for previously Cats In Space, now Cosmo Cat space shooter game for iOS devices, made by my husband Luke Turvey. As citizens of Asgardia, we are very much into the universe and beyond. Making a constellation inspired fonts were in my mind for years, and this was perfect […]

ninja hoodie

Fashion Design – WAdE1 Clothing

“Everybody wants to borrow my Ninja Hoodie, I tell them to go get it at El Kartel” -Dale   WAdE1 Clothing   Luke and Natsuko Started a fashion line featuring Luke’s game concept art in 2009. Our FUTURE NINJA HOODIES are making marks in Vancouver and worldwide. SHOP ONLINE >> Or, shop at Global Atomic […]

totem pole cat tee

Introducing new embroidered tees

Fall and winter 2016 tees are here! Available at El Kartel in Chinatown and Global Atomic Designs Inc. in Yaletown or at our online store. I designed the totem pole, obviously inspired by the great native art around my neighbourhood and my husband’s concept art (part of it shown below). embroidered on ultra soft tri-blend […]

New font and map design

I wanted to make a map of Stanley Park, since I LOVE it and go there almost everyday. I think it’s one of the best that Vancouver has to offer. I love walking in the woods, jogging around, sighting eagles, beaver or seal (and Pikachu lately). This map is part of my next project. The […]

Graphic Design for UBC Medical Study

Opportunity to create educational materials for medical study by University of British Columbia has been highlight of my carrier. I have done localized pictograms for India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Brazil, their educational materials for local women, brochures for doctors, wallcharts for hospital patients. This particular study has been helping local women to be well […]

Natsuko’s hobby: Playing the piano

I love playing the piano! I bought my first ever piano (digital) about a year ago. I never had my own! (complex lol)  Trying to pick up where I left off at 15 years old. I feel like I want to start a band or some sort of casual music session with fun individuals. If […]

Natsuko's beer label design


It doesn’t get much better than drinking a nice beer, with your own beer label design on it! Ikizama beer is a boutique brewery beer made in Kagawa, Japan. Taste great with cream cheese and prosciutto!

calendar design 2016

Calendars for GRACE MARKET

Almost every year I have been making calendars for GRACE MARKET. They are large sized 3 fold 4 colour press printing jobs. It’s a place to showcase what the flower shop and their restaurant Cafe Style Hazuki have done that year. This is the newest edition, I changed it up to more of info graphic […]

Website Design for GRACE MARKET

GRACE MARKET is a independent flower shop in Kagawa, Japan. After worked as a web designer for a while in Japan, I was hired as art director at GRACE MARKET. I mainly update and create contents for their e-commerce site, which creates big $ for a flower shop in small city in Japan. […]