Wine Label Designs

Wine Label Designs

I had a very fun opportunity to design wine labels for Ikizama Co., Ltd.

Hand drawn sunflowers, olives and roses frame the logo, which I also designed with our (Okaycat’s) Stephani font.

If I could, I wanted the design to be edged on to the bottle with perhaps gold! How cool would that be? But the rice paper with black and white print is a good alternative.

Red wine features the sunflowers, made with Berry A, It’s a light bodied fruity wine. My favorite out of 3.

White wine features olives, it’s a dry white. My friend’s favorite.

Rose features roses, it’s pretty sweet, with a touch of dryness. ¬†This is my husband’s favorite.

Right now, I’m working on an embroidary¬†pattern for gift wine bags. I can’t wait for the finished product!