Moon: Period Tracker with Moon Phase Calendar


UPDATE(October 24th, 2014)

What’s New in Version 1.6.1

I Added more moon phases (First quarter and Third quarter) as requested!

 Fixed a potential crash from the calendar detail view after viewing other screens and then saving your data.
 Changed all information views to be non-modal to improve ease of navigation. (You can click outside of the window and the window will close!)
 Corrected minor typos.
 Corrected clipped text, scrolling issues, and other UI inconsistencies appearing in iOS 11.
 Improved animations when transitioning between views.
 Adjustments to better accommodate device sizes. ( Ready for iPhone X! )


UPDATE(April 28th, 2017)

What’s New in Version 1.5

Fixed a crash that could happen after changing time zones, or shifting the device clock.
So please everyone travel and use the app without worry!
Thank you for the feedback from a few nice users which helped me solve this issue!
Any issues please report to [contact] @ [] (all in one word without brackets and spaces).

We found the bug little while ago while we were traveling that the app didn’t open. When we come back to Vancouver the app worked all fine. We determine that it’s a timezone issue. to achieve the chart interface design, our calendar system is heavily customized. It’s been a pleasure to help a hand full of long-time users who contacted us while traveling that same thing happened to her. Once we can duplicate the bug, we can fix it!

UPDATE (Jan 19th, 2016):

What’s New in Version 1.2

Resolved a calendaring system issue that could cause cycles in the range of Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 to not display in the app, and this same issue could also affect emails of records not showing the data.

So there was an issue with the system reading the user input over the span of the year change. The input was stored, but wasn’t displaying. Happy to announce that this once a year issue is resolved!

UPDATE (Jan 4th, 2016): New version 1.1 will be released soon, currently under submission at the app store.

The new version fixes a minor bug that only appears at the end of years with its calendar. Added new graphics and other updates.  Stay tuned and download the new version please 🙂


I wanted to lean more about my own body, I also wanted to create an app. Making a period tracker app was a natural choice for me. With some help from my husband and iOS programmer Luke Turvey and my best friend Dr. Beth Payne PhD, Moon: Period Tracker with Moon Phase Calendar is released out to the world!

Moon: Period Tracker with Moon Phase Calendar


This is a no frills approach to your period tracking.

Ever wondered the connection between your period cycle and moon phase? Does full moon really acts up your hormones?

With this app, you can compare and observe your cycle, with moon phase calendar. This simple to use app is there to chart your cycle, and educate you along the way! It is all up to you how much you want to track, just period, or cervical mucus and basal (waking) temperature for conceiving babies, or for natural birth control, PMS and your notes. Let’s practice your FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) with Moon – Period Tracker app!
The feature includes emailing the data to yourself or to your gynecologist.

The moon phase calendar is set to PST, Pacific Standard Time.

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