Graphic Design for UBC Medical Study


Opportunity to create educational materials for medical study by University of British Columbia has been highlight of my carrier. I have done localized pictograms for India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Brazil, their educational materials for local women, brochures for doctors, wallcharts for hospital patients. This particular study has been helping local women to be well by innovative iPhone app assisted programs, educating the local women and the community for their optimal health.


Medical Wallchart by Natsuko Hayashida

Wallcharts in English and client’s local languages. There was a few struggles to show Indian Kannada language in Adobe illustrator, had to manually edit some of their letters to make sentences. My font making skills came in handy. I made Mozambican Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Indian Kannada, Pakistan Sindhi translated charts.



Instruction sheets from local health care workers and their patients. Also was translated to their local languages. I was hired to create pictograms for local women and he community’s education.



I enjoyed this project, making a infograph for the medical study. Such innovative study held in all over the world, very proud to be part of it.