Flaticons – flat icons in font format by Natsuko Hayashida –


Looking for easy ways to implement icons into your UI/UX design? I’ve got just the thing for you!

Flaticons are flat icons, in font format. You can type in the icons in your Xcode project, or in your photoshop document for your web designs.

Good alternative to Font Awesome. It comes in outlines and solid icons. Icons for settings, chat, shipping, flag, calendar, phone, iPhone and iPad etc. It’s really handy to have graphics in your font library.



I’ve used my Flaticons on this own website. Check out the top page!

For these icons above, I used Flaticons in Photoshop, command click on the font layer to select as selction, then painted on with water colour brush. The ” T ” for font making icon is also created by myself, called Hand Cursive.

flaticons in xcode

Here, Flaticons are in Xcode project. I just typed those in! How to use custom fonts in Xcode is well explained in this article by CODEwithChris

With his help I could do it no problem! so, so can you. Don’t skip on steps!


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