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WAdE1 Clothing Ninja Hoodie

“Everybody wants to borrow my Ninja Hoodie,
I tell them to go get it at El Kartel” -Dale


WAdE1 Clothing


Luke and Natsuko Started a fashion line
featuring Luke’s game concept art in 2009.
making marks in Vancouver and worldwide.

Or, shop at Global Atomic Designs Inc.
& El Kartel in Vancouver, B.C Canada


Pixel Cat Adventure Ninja Cat




wade1 patchrobocat

WAdE1 Clothing features my husband Luke’s iOS game characters. The Ninja hoodie is complete with ROBOCAT RAMPAGE character CITY CRUSHER, the robocat.

Our cut and sew long sleeve tee are made of Bamboo and organic cotton, made in Vancouver. Our short sleeve t-shirts are made in USA. Printed by Adrian and Brian at Proper Designs, Vancouver.

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Ninja hoodie new

ninja hoodie

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This year’s Future Ninja Hoodie is more unique, with collaboration with El Kartel (Very cool boutique in Chinatown, Vancouver) , it features mesh sleeves and side neck, Citycrusher the cat robot with Mexican wrestling mask. Super limited!! Handmade in Vancouver. $185.

Global Atomic Designs Inc. in Yaletown (1144 Mainland st.) always carries our t-shirts. Go support your local independent boutiques!!