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New font Cosmic Patterns

It all started with needing new graphic for previously Cats In Space, now Cosmo Cat space shooter game for iOS devices, made by my husband Luke Turvey. As citizens of Asgardia, we are very much into the universe and beyond. Making a constellation inspired fonts were in my mind for years, and this was perfect […]

New font and map design

I wanted to make a map of Stanley Park, since I LOVE it and go there almost everyday. I think it’s one of the best that Vancouver has to offer. I love walking in the woods, jogging around, sighting eagles, beaver or seal (and Pikachu lately). This map is part of my next project. The […]


Best of Okaycat fonts -Natsuko’s favs-

Here are some of Natsuko’s favorite Okaycat fonts that Natsuko or her husband Luke created.   Azola family   Shababa family   Arco Web & Arco Crayon   Flower Type   Okay Crayon   Forest Cursive   3D Blocky family   Maple Lane Cursive   Flows Stencil   Arco Star   Hand Cursive   Maple […]


Flaticons – flat icons in font format by Natsuko Hayashida –

Looking for easy ways to implement icons into your UI/UX design? I’ve got just the thing for you! Flaticons are flat icons, in font format. You can type in the icons in your Xcode project, or in your photoshop document for your web designs. Good alternative to Font Awesome. It comes in outlines and solid […]


These illustrations are published as fonts. It is very convenient to have these illustrations handy in your font library for designing graphics. Ferns Country Charm Seashells Orchids Flower Sketch Neue I have also published Birds, Mushrooms, Swallowtail Butterflies, Flower Sketch.

Post card sized flyer design

I usually don’t post little projects that comes along but I liked this one so here it is. It’s a post card sized full colour press print flyer. “Jun and Mika” and the date are my own font, Maple Lane and Maple Lane Fancy. You can buy them on